4 Most Common Interior Mistakes

When building an interior design there are basic rules to be followed. Even if we follow them by a thread, sometimes we make mistakes. Today we will present to you the most common interior mistakes and how to avoid this in the process of furnishing and decorating the home. Look at them, inspire yourself, learn, take notes when needed and design your home as you see it in your dreams.

  1. A combination of too many styles

Image SourceA combination of too many styles

Combining different interior styles is a very common designer approach to modern homes. But combining too many could easily transform a good idea into kitsch and a sense of overcrowding. Good combinations are Scandinavian with contemporary, sparkle with industrial, modern with classic, rustic with the sea. In this room, we see a combination of the last two – soft blue colors and geometric shapes, combined with antique elements, wood, and metal. The eclectic style, for example, is a strictly defined combination of specific types of interior design. With it, everything harmonizes in the overall look and the final look is beautiful and well finished, so it could appeal to those of you who aim to successfully combine styles.

2. Fake combination of colors and fabrics is another common interior mistake

Most Common Interior Mistakes - combination of colors and fabrics

Image Source

If you have a lot of space in the living room and want to justify two separate zones – there is a way to achieve this. But you definitely can not do it if the purpose here is to combine styles, fabrics and too many colors. This could definitely turn into an eye-catching sight, and if you have to spend time in a similar room on a daily basis, it could also affect your mood. Choose similar fabrics, a basic style for the whole room, let the leading shades be two or at most three, in a simple and clear tone. Suitable combinations are, for example, those we see in the living room of this photo – beige, gray and white.

3. “The more – the more” is not a good idea

Most Common Interior Mistakes

Image Source

If you are among collectors and lovers of souvenirs, talismans and all kinds of things – here is how you can embed them in the interior style without creating a stressful atmosphere and too much cleaning work.

If your items have a collectible value – take a special shelf for them, with glass doors to carefully arrange everything. In this way, not only will you set up a compartment for your valuable items, but you will also significantly reduce the amount of dust that will accumulate over them over time.
If you just have favorite souvenirs, such as decorative plates, pillows, lamps, mirrors, etc., combine them with two basic interior styles, such as this version here. Combined is a marine design with rustic elements where the variety of items harmonizes greatly with the overall look of the room.

4. Low light can be a serious negative

Low light can be a serious interior mistake

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Low light can definitely turn into a serious negative regardless of the style chosen. First of all – focus on providing enough natural light. Let the curtains be translucent, in gentle colors, and the blinds are raised during the day. If you can not rely on natural sun rays – provide enough artificial lighting to help you adjust the lighting yourself. Select white and yellow colors, light green, baby pink or blue to avoid interior mistakes.

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