Five options to add new charm and beauty to the bedroom

Where and how you sleep is one of the most important things for you, your health and your full existence. It is no coincidence that this topic is so often discussed. Lack of quality sleep causes people more stress, lack of rest, and it also leads to irritability that interferes with everyday life. There is little reason to think of how to make the space in your home where you sleep as optimal as possible, to get the rest you need and during the day to be vibrant and able to take on the challenges of a smile.

Here are five options to give you a new feel and beauty in your bedroom.

The whole mood in your bedroom starts from the walls

The painted walls set the tone and visualize the whole room, while also being the basis for the arrangement of the furniture and all the other accents in your bedroom.

White is the most popular color of choice in a modern contemporary bedroom. It expands, brightens and opens up space, even if it is generally not large.
Use solid colors for your walls to create a relaxing atmosphere and avoid various types of chaotic, confused and extravagant moods. However, this is your bedroom where you need to sink into a deep and sound sleep.
Light colors like pastel pink, sky blue and beige are a good start for creating a cozy bedroom.

Choose a low platform bed

Choose a low platform bed

Choose a low platform bed that is flush with the floor or, if it is with your feet, they are very low so that you feel like you are on the floor. This will also help you maintain room cleanliness, and last but not least, it will look unique. The main advantage of low platform beds is that they do not immediately pop in when they enter the room, as is the case with traditional leg beds. They naturally harmonize with the rest of the room's furniture. There are already enough beds available on the market to make qualitative choices in terms of decor, taste, and budget.

Light up your room with designer fixtures

light up your bedroom

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Chandeliers and pendants are a good way to light up your bedroom without losing style and charm. It is important that quality light reaches every corner of the bedroom and this can be achieved with the accessories mentioned. The other important thing when using them is not to overdo it. Use lamps, chandeliers, and pendulums that are the size of your bedroom. Larger bedrooms need a few pendulums or a large lampshade with several lamps in it. If you want to add extra light to the bedroom, add floor or ceiling lighting to the ceiling or walls, and night lights.

Don't worry about removing the curtains

Don't worry about removing the curtains in your bedroom

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Get rid of the curtains in one fell swoop and let the light enter freely through the windows. There will be a symphony of light when the exterior is in sync with the light colors of the walls or light wallpaper. The sunlight will make your bedroom shiny and even wider. You can compensate for the lack of curtains and a barrier to the prying eye by placing your favorite objects on the window sill – flowers in a pot, flowers in a vase, books, plants, small statues, scented candles. The priority here is to keep you bright, comfortable and relaxing, and you can do this with just one removal of something that interferes with the light.

Even more cozy with the proper carpet

smooth and stylish carpet for a cozy bedroom

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Whether it is the main accent in your bedroom or a complementary element to the overall interior composition, the carpet is a good solution in any case. And the choice is rich. You can choose hand-woven wool carpets or rugs from 100% natural wool; also, for your wool floor coverings is a good solution, including such silk and cotton flooring products, we cover most options. Do not forget the polyester carpets, mixed with natural materials that are more affordable, but still quality, and durable.

The imagination will guide you in the renovation of your bedroom, we have suggested here some highlights.

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