How is the home of introverts different from that of extroverts?

Have you ever wondered to what extent the home reflects your character? To what extent is it a mirror of your soul and needs? Today we have prepared a few distinguishing features for you to find out what type of people you are – introverted or extroverted.

Every home should be the embodiment of comfort, reflect the inner world of man and make him feel happy and calm. That's why we suggest you, if your home is not exactly as you imagined it, to trust one of our experienced masters and make all the changes you have always dreamed of, because home means a lot.

Introverts and extroverts as personalities

Introvert and extrovert are terms that are common in popular psychology. These are two generalizations of two types of personalities, and by their very nature no one is entirely an introvert or an extrovert. It is more about patterns of behavior that at some point in a person's life predominate and those that are less common.

Extroverts are directed outwards, to the outside world – sociable, like to go out and spend time outside the home, often in large, noisy companies and among many people. They rarely stay at home and pay less attention to what their home looks like.
In contrast, introverts are more closed, self-centered people who love solitude, comfort and tranquility. They prefer to communicate with fewer people and keep their home to fully reflect their character, needs and wants.

The home of the introvert

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Each person is different and accordingly organizes the space around him and the home in a different way.

Introverts spend much more time and effort caring for the home, because for them it is the place where they feel safe and comfortable, they can relax and unwind.
You will recognize the home of an introvert by the precisely selected furniture – everything is harmoniously arranged and combined, the colors are selected with taste, soft and friendly.
The furniture is oriented towards rest and relaxation – comfortable and soft armchairs in which one can read and rest, decorative pillows, nice lighting and things oriented towards human hobbies – books, collections, cooking or video games.
The kitchen of the introvert is tidy and clean, but it seems that it cooks, fully equipped and equipped with everything you need to prepare your favorite dishes.

The home of the extrovert

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Extroverts of their camp are a kind of bohemian. They like to be outside, but they also like their home – it is a place for gatherings and conversations with friends.

In the extrovert's home you can usually find a variety of objects and furniture.
They do not care so much about the interior as about having enough space for gatherings – a large comfortable sofa, a nice table and a comfortable carpet.
If their home is tidy, it is more because they have not returned, more often there is an artistic mess in it.
The design is rather a combination of all their interests and tastes, the colors are bright, and the most important thing in the interior is that it can be changed.
For them, multifunctional furniture is a great solution when they have to shelter a friend for the night or they just decided to invite a few people to visit today.
No matter what your character is – it's great to have a place to go home. A place that you feel not just as a home, but as a home.

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