How to Wear Skirts

In this post, you will read some useful information about how to wear skirts. Different types of skirts fit perfectly to particular body shape. Check ideas for the most suitable clothes combinations with skirts.

How to wear a pencil skirt

This model of women's clothing has the ability to emphasize the perfection of the female figure. He may be more swollen at the waist and vice versa. It clearly describes the line of the thighs and legs to the level of the knee or even lower.

Classic style

ASOS DESIGN Petite high waisted pencil skirtChic Crepe Pencil SkirtASOS DESIGN Hourglass high waisted pencil skirt

To create the image of the modern businesswoman should use a combination of a pencil skirt with a blouse of light fabric (chiffon), as well as elegant shoes with high heels. The perfect addition to creating an ensemble that is dark-colored or with tights and/or socks. With the onset of colder weather, you can change your polo shirt, fine yarn blouses, or tight-fitting jackets.

Romantic style

ASOS DESIGN high waist longerline pencil skirtASOS DESIGN tailored pencil skirt with obi tieBand Of Stars bandage midi pencil skirt in mint

Pencil skirt created from fabrics with a different color palette and decorated with different prints, combined with tunic sweaters or corset (regardless of length). This is the best combination that helps to create the most feminine look. In this case, if your choice fell on the skirt with lace on the model, it should be combined with a solid color, smooth shapes, or decorated with appropriate elements.

Day style

For everyday use, you can opt for a pencil skirt if it is made of a material such as leather, wool, or cotton fabric. The color scheme of this part of the wardrobe can be very diverse. But the best addition to this is the ensemble to be comfortable when combined with a shirt, vest or sweater. In combination, a pencil skirt should fit as a model and cut with the choice and in favor of the models are shoes, such as boots, shoes, sandals, etc.

How to wear a midi skirt

Practical, stylish, and feminine, it can diversify your wardrobe for warm days. How to wear a mussel skirt and what are its rules?

Midi skirt is a model skirt with a length that embarrasses him mid-calf. It comes in different colors, prints, fabrics, and of course cuts, but in fact, the emphasis is on the length of the skirt, which ends in the middle between the knees and ankles.

The skirt of this length can be A-line, straight pencil-type, or high waist. The more cut models cover the wide hips and are suitable for ladies with a Pear figure. If you are shorter, then combine a mussel skirt with sandals, because this way you optically lengthen the silhouette. If you are a Banana figure, then use a belt to emphasize the waist and create the illusion of curves.

You can combine a midi skirt with a jacket, parka, or a thick sweater. The model goes best with high heels or elegant sandals (albeit on a platform). But since fashion today does not recognize rules, you can also combine it with slippers or even sneakers.

Midi skirt in the office

CHELSEA28 Bias Jacquard Skirt, Main, color, BLACKHALOGEN<SUP>®</SUP> Pleated Midi Skirt, Main, color, BLACK- IVORY LADY DOTMING WANG Pleated Pull-On Skirt, Main, color, MINK/BLACK

A skirt with this type of length is ideal for your office style – its line follows the conditions of the work dress code, radiates professionalism, and at the same time emphasizes your feminine curves. Combine it with a simple shirt and belt or with a blouse made of ethereal fabric. High shoes are preferable in this case

Midi skirt with a crop top

Closet London pleated midi skirt in black spot printASOS DESIGN leather look pleated midi skirt in khakiASOS DESIGN pleated midi skirt in animal polka dot

One of the most common modern combinations with a midi skirt is the one with a crop top (short top). However, to bet on it, you need to be confident in your figure. The combination is suitable for ladies with a Banana figure, but it is definitely not recommended for those with an Apple figure. The combination of mussel skirt and crop top is a suitable choice for your holiday wardrobe. Combines well with platforms.

Midi skirt in everyday life

Wednesday's Girl midi skirt in ditsy floral co-ordASOS DESIGN fluffy midi skirt in creamRiver Island floral print frill midi skirt in blue

The midi skirt can easily be included in your everyday wardrobe as part of your casual-elegant look. Pair it with a T-shirt with a playful inscription or choose a more interesting model with a short lining and a transparent upper that reaches the middle of the calf. Combine with slippers to feel comfortable.

How to wear a long skirt

Long skirts are one of the most beautiful, feminine, comfortable, and practical clothes in the ladies' wardrobe, and besides, they never go out of fashion. Every new season in their cut and pattern you can see something fresh and unexpected and this makes them even more sought after and liked, especially for the warm weather.

You can wear a maxi length skirt for any occasion

Many people think that maxi skirts are suitable only for taller ladies, but your look can be perfectly complemented by a long skirt, even if you are not tall. There are three important and basic things that are good to consider before acquiring this gender model. First on the list is the fabric, followed by the shoes for the finish, but not least – the combination of clothing with the right blouse or shirt.


ASOS DESIGN maxi column skirt in gray ribVila maxi skirt with side split in beigeASOS DESIGN satin bias maxi skirt in leopard print

To achieve balance and harmony, stylists recommend combining a maxi skirt with a short blouse type “crop top”. Add a belt or jewelry to diversify your look.

Skirts and T-shirts are also great options for spring and your maxi skirt. The combinations between a long skirt, a white T-shirt, a leather jacket, and sports shoes are some of the easiest to achieve. Of course, your office look can also be complemented well by a maxi skirt with the addition of an ethereal shirt.

As for the colors, the contrasting ones are again the object of attention, and the classic black skirt is always relevant. Floral motifs and animal prints often turn out to be part of skirt design.

Wedding or Cocktail party

Maya Bridesmaid delicate sequin tulle skirt in dark grayMaya Bridesmaid delicate sequin tulle skirt two-piece in taupeMaya Plus Bridesmaid delicate sequin tulle skirt in taupe blush

So it is no surprise that every woman looks to have at least one such garment in her wardrobe.

Maxi skirts come in different shapes and designs, and they can turn you into an artistic bohemian, an elegant lady or a girl with a casual look.

There are so many wonderful patterns – draped, pleated, asymmetrical, with floral prints, stripes, dots, or animal prints. You can choose a one-color model in blue, green, turquoise, crimson or cyclamen, yellow, or in the neutral, brown-beige range.

However, before you start wearing it, make sure you do it in the most stylish way. Here are some tips on the subject:

Once you are ready to choose the right maxi skirt for you, you need to know how to wear it the right way to create different looks with the same garment. In some cases, you can look like a romantic lady, other times you can be perfect for the office, a third time you can use the same skirt for the beach, etc.

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Maxi skirts should be combined with a simple blouse and a short jacket or blazer to create a stylish classic ensemble.

  • If you combine this skirt with a light, sports jacket and low shoes, you will get an airy and carefree look.
  • To add a touch of provocation, you can wear boots under your long skirt and wear a leather jacket.
  • In cooler weather you can wear a skirt with a knitted vest, a jacket is not a good option.
  • Long, narrow and straight skirts look good with a more airy blouse, while wide skirts look great with a tight-fitting T-shirt.
  • Skirts with prints should be combined with one-color clothes in the upper part of the body. On the other hand, skirts in one tone can be combined with a colorful blouse.
  • You can spice up your romantic, bohemian style with great ethnic accessories and a hat with a wide brim. Let your hairstyle be as natural as possible.
  • As for the shoes, you can try different options, depending on your preferences and the look you want to create. Long skirts look great with both low ballet flats and high heels or platform sandals. You can also try espadrilles and boots.

Now that you know all the secrets of how to wear maxi skirts, trust your inner voice, and include this garment in your wardrobe.

How to wear a mini skirt

ASOS DESIGN elasticated waist flippy mini skirt in blackNobody's Child 90's mini skirt with notches in smudge printEmory Park button-front mini skirt in brushed check co-ord

Think about your physique

Only extremely elegant girls can wear any mini-skirt without the risk of worry. But those who are overweight at the waist and buttocks, you should be careful not to emphasize the shortcomings. You can decorate the thin grinder with a pencil case and add a pump to the thin shapes using pleats and flakes patterns. The wide thighs perfectly hide the trapezoidal cut skirt, which visually makes you thinner. A bulging belly will be less noticeable in a high-waisted product.

Do not wear a v-neck and mini skirt

It's hard to argue with the fact that mini is quite frankly, a woman in a short skirt draws attention to her legs, emphasizing that she wants to be the center of attention. But experts agree that the desire to show the best can immediately play a cruel joke with them because it is better to give up the deep neckline. As in the case of makeup, in which it is recommended to focus on the eyes or lips. In the same way in clothes – open legs suggest a closed area of ​​the chest or vice versa, but only without causing combinations.

Choose low heel or flat shoes

Models that defile themselves in mini-skirts and high-heeled shoes can sometimes be seen on catwalks. However, most designers choose less aggressive combinations. Ultra-short clothing will look appropriate with boots, shoes, or sandals on a low heel or on flat shoes. But the huge platform and 15-inch heels in combination with mini – a sign of bad taste and not the most profitable option, except that you advertise clothes in some kind of photoshoot. In ordinary life it is better to wear white sneakers, they are already considered relevant, even with romantic summer dresses.

Don't forget about the tights…

Yes, a moot point, especially if it's hot outside. But then again, if you choose a mini women's dress to work with, bare feet are unlikely to look appropriate. Tights come to the rescue, it is better if they are very thin and matte – the popularity of tights with lycra remains in the distant past.


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