Samsung Folding Phone

For a long time, Apple announced that they would launch a folding smartphone. But, Samsung CEO Jay Koch told CNBC it was time for the company to pull out a folding device. It is rumored that this will happen by the end of the year, but more information is still missing.

Koh claims that even with the screen folded down, you will still be able to use more of the functionality of your smartphone. “But do you have to surf the web or look at something, you'll have to dissolve it. Then what are its advantages, compared to a tablet, for example? Every device and every innovation should have a meaningful application for the customer. when our customer opens their smartphone, they can say, “Yeah, that's why Samsung did it!”, Koch added, hinting that more details about the device's functionality will be revealed in November.

According to what we know so far, the folding screen phone will be about seven inches in size and shrink in the middle, visually reminiscent of a wallet. In addition, when folded, part of the screen is intended to play the role of an additional display to inform you of messages and incoming calls.

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